News Are you preparing yourself to sail around the world? Check our Tropical Sailing Life cruising website and Tropical sailing Life videos ! Get some tips from over 20 yrs+ of living aboard a 46ft sailing trimaran traveling the areas from the Caribbean to SE Asia via the South & North Pacific oceans. Do you need a mini PC that runs on 12vdc directly? Or a super Wi-Fi antenna? Check out Island Time PC . Bob designs great systems for marine environments. so it is perfect for those living in the islands or at sea! Bob has designed systems for us for many years, and we have always appreciated his good advice and great services. The big advantage to have a mini ITX 12vdc system instead of a laptop is the ease to replace parts yourself and the lower cost of shipping only the parts you need. Need help with your website? Our old website is now re-vamped and we hope you like it! If you need someone to build you a website, contact us, we will be happy to assist you within your budget! We also provide hosting service for your website (with yourself in control of updating your website, ...) We are using one of the biggest and most reliable web hosting companies. Check these websites  ... we built them and host them at a very reasonable cost! World Wide Video Productions - Travel Videos 4 You - Sport Fishing Marshall islands Your Health Is Your Choice - Dr Health Club - Dr Health Club Forum  Need a marine surveyor who specializes in small sailing yachts (25-60ft)? A professional marine surveyor will assist you in deciding if a sailboat is woth buying ... getting insurance coverage, officially register the vessel and more. Affordable rates and willing to travel to SE Asia and  Pacific locations on request. Looking for a boat to buy? He has many contacts ... News and useful links  ... other great sources of help to you ... copyright 2006-2016 RLS