Contact Remote Lifestyle Solutions Living isolated does not mean living without technology ! Some equipment can make our life safer, more comfortable, more enjoyable! When we decided to sail around the tropical oceans, over 20 years ago, we decided not to settle for conditions we would normally not accept if living ashore ... But for every piece of equipment aboard, on your yacht or on your island, you have to weigh pros and cons of the technology ... ... considering advantages versus inconveniences ! Questions to ask ourselves before getting a new piece of technology: what does it do for me? ... how easy to maintain and repair? ... how reliable?  ... is the cost a good value? ... If you have any questions about any items presented on our website, please, email us! We will be happy to help you choose the right items for your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask for more specs if you do not find them here on our website. We want you to be satisfied with what you get from us! Info about products that help people who live in isolated areas ... from sailors at sea to volunteers in the Pacific atolls ... Here below are a few comments we received from our customers... Luc, We are returned from sailing around New Caledonia, and discovered the replacement LED you sent for our anchor light.  Got your email also.  So, the light was good after all; it was only the contacts were a little different from my old masthead light.  I never thought to check that.  Thanks to send me a brand new light anyway.  J Marie is also interested in one for his anchor light. Yves et Monique, S/V Nefertiti (translated from French) Luc, The last two warm white LEDs I bought for the cockpit table are even a nicer warm color than the ones I really liked that I put in the salon.  Since the bulb/reflector unit is so well finished, I just threaded the wire and plug-in through a short tube of PVC and attached that to the hardtop shade over the cockpit! I'm pretty proud.  It looks like a factory made halogen light, but doesn't use 20 watts like a halogen. Merci, Roger et Lucie, Catamaran "Catimini" Those little waterproof lights with the 3 tiny LEDs put out a lot of light!  And they're cheap!  We left the 2 attached as a unit.  They are so light and don't give off any heat, so we just sewed them right to the cloth of the Bimini top. Simple.  We get plenty of light to eat dinner in our cockpit and we can leave them on for hours, even with my ailing batteries.  Holger, Gloria, and Aurora, S/V "Dharma Bum" Merci Luc, I received the LEDs here in Malaysia without problem.  Glad that you got in more of the same model I bought from you.  I haven't seen the same kind, even here in SE Asia. Alain, voilier "Kawekara" We put the Spotlights in the cabin, one for each of us.  They make great reading lights.  Mark told you that we were reading with those LED headlight flashlights on our heads to save electricity! With the spotlights, and the ones we got to replace the halogens, I finally don't have to feel like I'm living in a cave with Mark screaming to turn off all the lights to save his precious batteries! Cathy and Mark, The Cabin Can I get more of these small LEDs from you … I find all kinds of uses for them! Bruno on MorayX in Santo, Vanuatu. Thank you for getting these Rescue laser Flares so quickly to us here in the Philippines. They are much better than our old classical flares. A happy cruiser here at Oceanvew Marina on Samal Island We just did a practice session with traditional flares ... we used our old flares and discovered many duds in them .... plus it’s a bit scary to use and hard to imagine using them from a liferaft bobbing around ... probably burn yourself or a hole in the liferaft! Some cruisers in July 2013 at Oceanview. Thanks to the Rescue flares we bought, we could get rid of these old flares ... I tell you, it sure is great having the PACTOR modem, and being able to send an email to Labasa to ask them to send a part or some supplies on the Mary Kay when she comes back for more fish.  The "Rag of the Air" [Marine Radio Info Net] is still going on.  I get up before 5 every morning and get about 10 weather bulletins and GRIB files.  Glad that you insisted I should also upgrade to PACTOR III, otherwise, all those bulletins would take forever [to receive] even with good propagation… Jim Bandy,  Also Island, Fiji We want to thank you again for your help getting our PACTOR modem installed properly with our radio and laptop.  When we bought the unit in New Zealand, we got the modem and cables, but no one told us how to set it up.  Foolishly, we had left it till late to even look at what we got, until just before departing. Afraid to connect it wrong, we ended up making the long sail from New Zealand with the modem in the box and no way to get weather bulletins and email. (which is why we bought it in NZ in the first place!)  When we got to Vanuatu, we were glad to meet you.  You got us the right fitting for our cable, made sure the wiring was all correct and the system was working.  You even helped us apply for Sailmail, get the latest version, and tutored us on its use and etiquette.  Wish we had bought the PACTOR from you, especially when we found out your price was better, and you included all the help in getting it running.  At least we did get you to upgrade our unit to PACTOR III. It cost us the same price as doing it over the Internet, and was done the next day, without worrying about making a mistake doing it ourselves. Jane and Phil S/V Egret Thanks Luc for the pactor modem you sent me here in Savu Savu and for all the precise instructions to help setting up everything together. Curly, Bosun's Locker in Savu Savu . copyright 2006-2016 RLS